Listado de productos de la marca EDEN

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Potencia 180w RMS - Parlante: 2 x 10" - Entrada de linea: JACK de 3,5mm para MP3 u otro - Auriculares: JACK 1/4" - DI: Salida XLR-3 - Controles: 4 EQ Bass. Midd, Midd Sweep, High, Compresor incorporado con control de nivel - Peso: 21kg - Dimensiones: 52,5cm x 36,8cm * 50,8cm

Eden - EX112-8

The EX112 gives you the opportunity to discover an alternative tone and feel compared with the more common 10" and 15" bass cabinets.  This compact cabinet offers more aggression and warmth than a 10" speaker and more control than a 15" cone.

Eden - Glowplug

Getting authentic tube tone is now easy with the Eden Glowplug. The Glowplug adds warmth and depth to your sound, bringing out your strings natural harmonics using tone circuitry designed to enhance and compliment your bass sound.

Eden - TN410-8

The TN410 cabinet has been designed to provide professional hi fidelity bass tone and response for the gigging musician. Its ported and tuned design along with the use of separate tweeter allow this cabinet to not only sound larger than life but also deliver exceptional response and harmonic detail.