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TC Electronic - Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo

There\'s no denying that we truly love delay here at TC Electronic and with ProGuitarShop we\'ve found a collaborator that shares our unparalleled passion for delay. This has resulted in two delay pedals, which in no time at all have become modern-day classics due to their painstaking recreations of vintage echo-machines of the past.

TC Electronic - Cinder Overdrive

El Cinders Overdrive es la herramienta perfecta para los bluseros y los rockeros retro. Sus circuitos todos analógicos recrean la cálida distorsión armónica asociada a los amplificadores valvulares más valorados. Ya toques las cuerdas como con un plumero o con un hierro hirviendo el Cinders Ovedrive te sigue el paso.

TC Electronic - Corona Chorus

To make sure the it doesn\'t just look the part, we\'ve meticulously recreated the lush, all-enveloping chorus, pitch-mod and flanger tones of the original, now available as TonePrints, ready to beam to your Corona Chorus - absolutely free of charge!

TC Electronic - Corona Mini Chorus

So much chorussy goodness in such a tiny pedal? People have been chased out of town for less, but we\'re telling you, we did it! If THAT sounds too good to be true, wait until you hear this pedal! Lush, thick and swirly, in a form factor chorus-smugglers around the world and guitarists with precious little room on their boards would appreciate.

TC Electronic - Dark Matter Distortion

Dark Matter is the kind of pedal that you wanna go play for half an hour and end up spending half a day with. It\'s musical, covers a super-wide range of sounds but stays true to its base, an all analog-drive circuit that reminisces plexi sounds with both a classic and modern edge. 

TC Electronic - Ditto Looper

Ditto Looper is the looper you try once and love for life. And you simply gotta try it. We\'ve taken all that is good about loopers, trimmed away all the non-essential, mood-killing tech hoopla and ended up with a looper that is intuitive, tons of fun, sounds great and doesn\'t break the bank.

TC Electronic - Ditto X2 Looper

The original Ditto Looper rocked guitarists with a lust for looping like nothing else. Finally something that was simple, made for guitarists and sounded great. What would possibly be better? Well, how about all of that, plus new, next level looping features forged from pure awesome?

TC Electronic - Ditto X4 Looper

Ditto X4 Looper is the pedal that\'ll let you turn a single moment in time into something truly spectacular. By perfectly merging ease of use with stellar creative features like dual loop tracks, 7 loop FX, loop decay and MIDI sync, Ditto X4 Looper will instantly become the canvas on which you paint your multi-layered sonic masterpieces. If you can dream it, you can loop it!

TC Electronic - Echobrain Analog Delay

El EchoBrain es la elección natural para el amante del delay vintage. Presenta un diseño bucket  brigade, todo analógico. Este delay compacto está hecho para servir todos esos ecos cálidos y hermosos delays desvanecientes  que puedas necesitar.  Pisalo y preparate para escuchar a los eco-ángeles cantar. 

TC Electronic - Flashback Mini Delay

We\'ve taken all that you know and love about our TC Electronic delay sounds and poured it into a footprint too good to be true. There\'s more magic per square inch In Flashback Mini Delay than you\'d find in a Smurf. The industry standard, most revered TC Electronic delay tones, plus TonePrint - the greatest innovation to guitar since guitar strings!