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Pedales y Efectos

Pedales y Efectos

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VT-1 The Vibratrem

Pedal de Vibrato/Tremolo para guitarra - Controles: Multi-mode selector switch, Speed control, Depth control, Wave shape control - Caja de metal solido - Bypass pasivo estereo- Alimentacion: 9V - Entrada: Jack1/4 - Salida: Señal OUT Left/ Bypass - Out Right

TC Electronic - Vicous Vibe

The original Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe* is a highly unique, complex and gorgeous-sounding analog unit, so when we set out to recreate it digitally we knew it wasn\'t going to be easy. Through countless hours of meticulous side-by-side testing with the real thing and by pushing our insanely powerful DSP to its very limits, we\'ve been able to recreate this legendary effect to a tee.